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Your Caravan Insurance questions answered

Touring caravans trailers are normally hitched and towed behind a road vehicle and can be moved to locations situated across the country (or if you choose our European use cover, you can take them across Europe!) They provide personal accommodation for people on a journey or holiday who enjoy the adventure of travelling and experiencing the great outdoors. There are many different types of trailer caravans, which include: basic single axle, twin axle caravans, tiny teardrop trailers, pop top caravans, flip-top trailer tents, tiny GRP caravans, folding caravans/campers, the stylish T@B, American Airstream and fifth wheelers. Touring camper vans/motor-caravans, micro motorhomes, bongo from Japan, campervans, large van conversions, coach-built motorhomes, coach-built motorhome with an over-cab bed, low-profile, 'A' class motorhomes, tag axle motorhome and American Recreation Vehicle RV.

Unlike Touring Caravans, Static caravans are designed mainly to be kept in a stationary position (mostly within a caravan park site), but they can be moved from place to place; usually on the back of large lorries. Static caravans are normally much bigger than touring caravans and can have up to 8 berths and can be up to 14 feet in width (although imported caravans can be up to 28 feet wide).

Is my caravan insured while being towed?

Yes, when you take out a policy with us, we provide cover for your vehicle whilst it is being towed. You are not, however, insured for Public Liability against anyone who is/was in the caravan whilst being towed and should check with the towing contractors, as they should have Public Liability insurance in place for this.

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Will my family or friends be covered if they borrow the caravan from me?

Yes, Discount Insurance offers Family and Friends cover as standard. You must have given them express permission to use the caravan and no money must have exchanged hands, as this will be considered to be hiring the caravan out, in which case there is no cover.

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Are my contents covered under my policy?

If you have chosen Contents cover, your contents used in or within close proximity of the caravan are insured. This is an optional cover and it will be shown on your insurance certificate and statement of fact.

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If I suffer loss or damage whilst abroad, how do I report the claim and what is the process?

The process is exactly the same abroad as it is in the UK. You just need to contact our claims team on 0208 847 8000 and make sure you have your caravan, policy or correspondence details to hand. If any repairs have been made and you have receipts or estimates, please have these ready to send in with your claim form. Please refer back to the policy wording for full details.

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Does my policy include Accidental Damage cover?

Yes it does, accidental damage cover is included in our standard caravan insurance policies. We will post your policy documents to you as soon as cover is confirmed. All our documents are sent by Royal Mail First Class - so you could expect to receive your policy documents within 1 to 2 working days.

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Do I need to store my caravan in special parks or parking places like CaSSOA? Or can I park in on my driveway when it's not in use?

No, this is not a necessity, we ask that when you purchase the insurance policy, you specify where you will be storing the caravan; however, storing the caravan on a CaSSOA site has the added advantage of a further discount being given on your policy!

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Do you offer New for Old cover on my caravan?

When you purchase your insurance, we give you the option for either New for Old or Market Value, if your caravan is less than 5 years old, from date of manufacture. If it is over that age, you are insured for Market value.

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Do you offer New for Old cover on my contents?

Yes, all contents are insured on a New for Old basis.

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What are my options to pay for my policy?

We accept the following: BACS payment, Direct Debit, Credit or Debit Cards or Cheques.

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Up to what age of caravan does this insurance cover?

We will insure caravans that are up to 20 years old, from the date of manufacture.

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How old must I be to be eligible for caravan insurance?

You must be 25 years old or over, from date of inception, to be insured.